Innovative acoustic interference damper for traffic noise


Wavebreaker "sound-trap" gives planners and consultants the possibility to fight noise with lower noise screens at lower costs and yet meet future's noise demands. Contact us for more information.

→7 dBA

lower noise,

minor height increase.


lower costs,

same noise reduction.

→2 m

lower screens,

same noise reduction.


We have tested Wavebreaker in Stockholm, evaluated the acoustic properties and they met our expectations. Wavebreaker has also developed a good and clear calculation instruction that enables the product to be used for planning in programs such as CadnaA and Soundplan.

We look forward to getting to know the product further by starting the approval process with the potential to implement it as one of our solutions to lower the noise impact of our operations. We will also start designing a noise protection screen where Wavebreaker will be proposed.

Gustav Grundfelt, Strategic Specialist Noise, Region Stockholm Public Transport



Wavebreaker innovative interference sound damper benefits


November 2023

New movie explaning Wavebreaker

At Wavebreaker, we're revolutionizing the world of acoustics and Infrastructure solutions for global customers and advisors. Through the magic of acoustic interference, Wavebreaker sends out counter-sound against the noise, effectively combating it.

We like to call it "Using noise to fight noise."

See the movie here.

October 2023

Nordic Rail 10-12 October, Jönköping

The transport sector is getting greener and quieter at the same time! Our completely circular product for less traffic noise, Wavebreaker, is shown at Nordic Rail for the first time. Welcome to our booth B05:81 at Elmia, Jönköping. See the exhibition list here.

August 2023

Tests in Norway

In cooperation with Bane NOR (Norway) we are currently carrying out an acoustic test project in Drammen. The noise wall is a wooden wall from the 80's/90's with one absorbing side. It took 2 workers 8 hours to install 75 m of Wavebreaker - and that with only handtools! 
The track is trafficked by both passenger and freight trains. The test project takes place during the autumn and will evaluate the difference wo/w Wavebreaker at the same positions.

April 2023

Train & Rail

The first railway infrastructure exhibition in Stockholm will take place 25-27 April at Stockholmsmässan. The event is made in joint cooperation with Spårvägsforum. Welcome to visit us at A03:42. 

More information on Train & Rail here.

March 2023

First distributor - Czech Republic

Our first distributor agreement is on place. We welcome Beauport s.r.o. into the Wavebreaker partner network as the responsible representative for the Czech Republic. 

Visit Beauport homepage.