Innovative acoustic interference damper for traffic noise




The urbanization in the world is increasing and the development of sustainable cities is in more focus than ever. More people want to live and work in cities as well as commute into and between cities which results in need of higher investments in public transport. The urbanization together with more, higher, longer and faster trains mean more traffic noise and the health issues are in focus by authorities. Noise is the second largest environmental problem in Europe and EEA (European Environmental Agency) declared in 2020 that at least 12 000 people/year die prematurely in EU due to noise.


In 2017 Wavebreaker AB was founded based on the idea to use an old acoustic principle, discovered year 1866, for the development of a new innovative noise damper for train noise. We wanted to revolutionize the noise protection market and at the same time support the UN Global Goals no. 3, Health and no. 11, Sustainable cities and communities. The noise damper was planned to use interference sound damping technology, a sort of a passive anti-sound method. The innovation work focused on optimizing the damper for a general train noise spectrum which later showed to be effective for road noise as well. The product was named Wavebreaker. 

The interference sound damper is an added device to be used on top of noise screens, both existing and new. The noise reduction effect is similar to up to 2 m height additional increase of the noise screen at a cost of 50-75% of it. Wavebreaker offers a potential to build noise screens lower, with the same noise reduction, and at the same time save money.


Our business plan is to build Wavebreaker AB as a small innovative company using a modern lean approach to the product and organisation development. This means that we can keep our costs low and the company adaptable for continuous development. Instead of building up a large organisation, we are working in a network of Swedish competent partners. Our goal is to be a major international supplier of an innovative noise damper disrupting the market of high-cost noise mitigation products in a more sustainable way.

We work therefore in partnership with leading Swedish suppliers in acoustics research, engineering, production, testing, installation and intellectual property. Our business development partner is Inkubatorn in Borås. The development of Wavebreaker has attracted attention in leading Swedish funding and innovation agencies as Vinnova, InfraSweden2030, Almi and Västra Götalandsregionen.